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Licence Free PMR446

Licence free walkie talkies use the licence free 446 MHz frequency band. Frequencies are regulated on a European level, and the fact that users don't need a licence is an important cost saver. On the other hand, due to the fact that practically all licence free transceivers operate on this frequency, interference from other users is always possible.

Transmission power is limited to 500mW (max 3 km in open spaces and 600 meters in urban environments, outside of buildings). By choosing a different channel with less activity, you can limit inteference with other users.

Licence free walkie talkies are more expensive, but they offer the advantage of operating on frequencies used by a limited group of users, thereby considerably reducing the risk of interference. Transmission power can be set to 1W or 5W, providing increased reach inside buildings. The range of extra options is also much wider compared to licence free devices: headsets, microphones, ...