Sales, rental and repair of radio communication devices


Icom - IC-A120E

Avionics transceiver.

Icom - IC-A210E

Ground to Air Panel Mount Transceiver

Icom - IC-A220T

8.33kHz Airband Panel Mount VHF Radio

Icom - IC-A25CE

VHF Airband Communication redefined from the ground up.

Icom - IC-A25NE

VHF Airband Communication Transceiver with GPS

Icom - IC-A6E

Portable VHF COM Transceiver (NEW 25 kHz/8.33 kHz Dual Channel Spacing Version)

Yaesu - FTA-250L

Compact (COMM ONLY) Airband transceiver

Yaesu - FTA-450L

Comm Only, Portable Airband Transceiver

Yaesu - FTA-550L

5W hand-held airband transceiver with VOR and ILS features

Yaesu - FTA-750L

Airband Transceiver with GPS

Icom - IC-A110E

No longer availableAir Band transceiver

Icom - IC-A24E

No longer availablePortable VHF VOR/COM Transceiver (NEW 25 kHz/8.33 kHz Dual Channel Spacing Version)

Diamond - D777

Airband Base Station Receive Antenna

Sirio - GP 108-136 LB

Base station antenna

Sirio - GPA 108-136

Base station antenna

Sirio - MD 118-137

Omnidirectional mobile antenna, suitable for aeronautical service

Sirio - TAIFUN VHF 118-480

Mobile antenna, Mono-band

H&D Exclusive Line - HS91-HF01

Headset with boom micro and PTT