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Marine : AIS

EM-TRAK - A100

The em-trak Class A AIS A100 is a commercial standard AIS Class A, fully certified for all commercial vessel installations; deep sea, coastal and inland waterways.

EM-TRAK - A200

The A200 is a new and powerful AIS Class A which sets new standards in performance, functionality and reliability.

EM-TRAK - B100

An internationally certified, full feature, high performance Class B AIS Transceiver.

EM-TRAK - B300

Weather & waterproof AIS Class B Transceiver with integrated GPS antenna

EM-TRAK - I100

a fully integrated Class B vessel tracking AIS transceiver.

EM-TRAK - R100

a high performance dual channel AIS Receiver which offers superior operational performance.

EM-TRAK - S100

Antenna Splitter that allows your Class B AIS and VHF radio to share a single antenna.


An internationally certified (Wheelmark) AIS search and rescue transponder.

EM-TRAK - B212

No longer availableA waterproof Class B transceiver with configurable 2W or 12W transmit power for enhanced range.