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BTV - MLA-M-V.5Magnetic loop antenna for portable use, 80-10m incl. 60m!

Technische ficheHandleiding

The MLA-M V.5 is a magnetic portable antenna for QRP operation. The rugged antenna has a diameter of 60cm and can handle up to 10 watt. The box contains the tuning circuitry.

Frequency range is selected by two jumper connections on top of the box. One jumper is responsible for the operation on 80m, while the other one selects 20-10m. If none of these jumpers are connected, the antenna operates at 30, 40 and 60 m. The bottom side of the tuning unit has 4 rubber feet, so the antenna can be put anywhere without causing scratches of furniture.

Connector is UHF (SO-239), weight is 2.5kg.

The antenna is not 100% waterproof and so not suitable for permant outdoor installation without additional cover.