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Butternut HF-6V

Butternut - HF-6V5-Band vertical antenna

Technische ficheHandleiding

Take advantage of all HF bands from 80 to 6m with high efficiency - without losses through traps. The antenna is only 7.9m high and can be mounted directly on the ground or elevated on a roof top. Easy to set up, solid construction. When mounting the antenna on the ground a radial system is required, for restricted space the "CPK" counter poise kit is available.

The HF-6V can be extended to 12 and 17m with the extension kit A-12-17, or to 6m with the extension kit A-6. The antenna can make use of the optional kit TBR-160S for 160m.

Included with the antenna is a 1¼" base tube (60cm long). The antenna requires a radial system, e.g. the Butternut GRK ground radial kit.