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Cushcraft R6000

Cushcraft - R6000Vertical for 6,10,12,15,17 and 20m

Technische ficheHandleiding

The R6000 is a 6 through 20 meter, no ground radial antenna.

It includes many of the features of the R8, R7 and R5 antennas. R6000 means excellent performance, easy installation and use, slim silhouette and high reliability. There are no traps used on 6, 10 and 15 meters for maximum efficiency and power handling.


For typical use, tuning is not required


To any band 6 through 20 Meters


Gain favor of family and neighbors with the slim, low profile of the R6000


Join the fun of the “Magic Band” and take advantage of the new HF/50 MHz transceivers.

The R6000 employs quarter wavelength stubs on 10 and 15 Meters to replace standard trap coils. The result is lower loss and wider bandwidth. The R6000 covers all bands 6 through 15 meters at a VSWR under 2:1. On 20 meters you can select the top 300 KHz or bottom 300 KHz of the band.

The R6000 weighs only 12-1/2 pounds (5.6 kg). It is lightweight and easy to mount for portable or permanent installations. Machined aluminum clamps and UV stable insulators guarantee years of reliable service. The R6000 comes with the standard warranty of one year from purchase - plus the industry’s leading technical support team stands behind each antenna.

The R6000 makes an excellent diversity antenna to complement even the most complete stations, or pack up the R6000 for a trip to the DX location of your dreams.