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ZX Monoband Yagi

ZX - Monoband YagiThe famous ZX Mono Band Yagis designed by ON4UN

Technische fiche

HF monoband beams for the discerning amateur. Excellent quality at an affordable price. ZX-Yagis are used by dx-peditions worldwide.

Manufactured using high quality aluminum, all nuts and bolts, U-bolts are made of stainless steel. The diameter of the antenna elements is between 60mm at 7 MHz and 22mm at 21 MHz.

The antennas can be installed for either horizontal or vertical polarization.

Power rating 2000 Watt

UHF connector (optional N connector); the SO-239 connector is fully sealed from the backside to prevent water or humidity entering the coax.

All nuts and bolts as well as the many heavy U-bolts are manufactured from stainless steel The elements are tapered, made of alu-tubes. 60mm dia. for 7MHz, 32mm for 14MHz and 25mm for 21 and 28MHz.

The boom diameter depends on the boom length, the smallest boom dia. is 50mm (2 in.), used for 3 el. 28MHz for example. The element mounting plates are made out of 5mm aluminium plates, for the BIG beams out of 5mm stainless steel, fixed with stainless U-bolts.