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Icom IC-R20

Icom - IC-R20150 kHz to 3304.999MHz AM/FM/FMW/SSB/CW receiver

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The IC-R20 handheld receiver has many advanced features incorporated into its clean stylish design including dual watch; built in digital (audio) recorder function; wideband coverage in all modes; high speed scan capability and a standard Lithium Ion battery. The IC-R20 will appeal to such users as scanner hobbyists, security/surveillance companies, government agencies and other professional users.

Ultra wideband receiver

The IC-R20 is the first handheld receiver which covers 150 kHz to 3304.999MHz in SSB and CW modes as well as AM, FM, WFM modes.

Dualwatch capability

The IC-R20 is a dualwatch receiver, which allows you to receive two channels simultaneously. You can listen to a broadcast station, TV audio, ham marine, aviation or utility communications, while scanning or even monitoring another channel. With two tuning knobs on the top of the receiver, operation such as tuning a channel while listening to another channel is made easy; the large display shows both band settings.

**1 FM, WFM and AM modes only from 470-3304.999MHz.

*2 When receiving in dualwatch, the combination of channels is limited to 150 kHz to 469.999MHz (VFO A) and 118MHz to 174.999MHz to 1304.999MHz (VFO B)

Built-in 260 minute Digital (audio) recorder

The IC-R20 has a built-in 32MB Digital (audio) recorder*1, which allows you to record received audio for up to 260 minutes. The IC recorder is useful in a variety of ways, like recording wireless microphone audio at a meeting. Recording qualities are selectable from HQ, SP and LP modes and playing speed is adjustable from ×0.5 to ×1.5. Used with the optional CS-R20, you can transfer the recorded contents to your PC and store them*2.

*1 Records received radio audio only. Cannot record external speech etc *2 Cannot play recorded contents on your computer

100 channel/sec, high speed scan

The IC-R20 has a 100* channel/sec, ultra high speed scan capability. This superior scanning power allows the utmost efficiency when searching over 3GHz of spectrum! *During VFO scan

Auto memory write scan

Auto memory write scan for a signal, when a signal is detected the received frequency is automatically stored onto an auto memory write channel bank. Up to 200 auto memory write channels are available.

Total of 1250 memory channels, 26 memory banks with 8-character comment

The IC-R20 has 100 regular channels (includes 10 pre-set channel), 50 scan edges, 200 auto memory write scan and 70 TV (audio) channel memories. Each regular channel stores an 8-character alphanumeric name, including 5 icons, modes, tone frequency, skip information and so on. Icom’s DMS (Dynamic Memory Scan) system divides these memories into 26 groups, A to Z, and allows you to scan selected banks by simply adding and deleting bank links. The Pre-set channel memorises up to 10 of your favourite channels for easy recall. In addition, TV channels and short wave broadcast stations are pre-programmed.

11 hours* of continuous receive capability

The IC-R20 has a very effective power saving design for long operation. A lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-206 provides 11 hours of continuous receive* and when used with the power saving function, longer operating periods are possible. Power by AC adapter or optional cigarette lighter cable is also possible and the Li-Ion battery pack is simultaneously charged during operation.

* FM mode, at Max. AF audio.

Built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM and earphone cord antenna for FM broadcasts

A built-in ferrite bar antenna clearly catches AM broadcast stations with good sensitivity. When you listen to FM broadcast stations with the optional earphone, SP-13, the antenna type is selectable from cord or whip in set mode.

VSC, CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch

The VSC (Voice squelch control) opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected and ignores unmodulated, beat noise signals. The CTCSS and DTCS tones provide quiet stand-by while waiting for a matched tone signal. This is convenient for monitoring a specified repeater, station, etc. Tone scan detects a tone frequency used in a channel. The pocket beep function alerts you with a beep sound when a matched tone signal is received.

Useful bandscope

Easily find busy channels or unoccupied frequencies within a specified bandwidth (from 1 kHz to 100 kHz). All signals are visually shown on the screen and AF output is emitted while sweeping the range.

PC programming capability

With the optional CS-R20 cloning software, memory contents such as frequencies, channel name, bank name, set mode items, etc can be easily programmed. A USB cable is supplied with the CS-R20 to enable you to connect to a PC.