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Standard Horizon CMP30

Standard Horizon - CMP30Remote Station Microphone

Technische ficheHandleiding
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Replaced by CMP31

  • The RAM3 (CMP-30) allows you to remotely control ALL functions of Standard Horizon fixed-mount VHF radios GX1600E, GX1700E, GX2100E
  • Full dot-matrix Display
  • Programmable keys make operation simple and fast
  • Allows full control of the radio, such as turning the radio on/off, all DSC functions including Distress Alerting.
  • When connected to the Matrix and Martix AIS displays AIS data and enables simple single button DSC call to any displayed target.
  • When connected to the Matrix or the Quantum series, the CMP-30/RAM3 also controls the 30W PA/Hailer functions
  • Can be extended up to 21.3m, using the optional CT-100 Extension Cable.

No longer available, replaced by CMP-31