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Glomex RA2025E

Glomex - RA2025EVHF - 3DB - 1 M (3') - FIBERGLASS Antenna

Suitable for any type of boat, the new RA2025 antenna from the “MULTIPURPOSE” series, ensures the best of Glomex technology:

Easy installation under any condition, thanks to the included V9181 mount, and the accessories 1”x14 ADAPTOR and V9179 KIT (optional)

Quick connection thanks to standard ending SO239 for PL259 connectors

Tube of double-layer fiberglass, protected by 5 layers of polyurethane paint, resistant to UV-rays

Middle-wave internal element ensuring the best possible communication with a wide irradiation lobe on the horizontal plan.




  • FREQUENCY RANGE          156/162 MHz
  • GAIN AVERAGE                 3dB
  • IMPEDANCE                      50 ohms
  • POLARIZATION                 Vertical
  • SWR                                  ≤ 1,3 at 156,8 MHz
  • MAX INPUT POWER          100 W
  • DC GROUND                      Yes
  • ANTENNA LENGHT            1m/3'
  • ANTENNA WEIGHT           150g/5,29oz
  • TERMINATION                  SO239 for PL259 male connector