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Hytera RD965

Hytera - RD965Outdoor DMR / Analog repeater.

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RD965 is Hytera's first digital/analog repeater for outdoor use that is compatible with the DMR standard. Thanks to its compact design, the device is very handy and can be used in a number of application scenarios, whether carried on your back, mounted on a wall or installed in an equipment rack.


The GPS module enables emergency control rooms to monitor the location of a small radio network in real time if the repeater is being used as a mobile unit.

Small backup battery (optional)

The 10 Ah lithium-ion battery can support at least eight hours of operation at a duty cycle of 50% and boasts a high transmitting power as an emergency power supply for outdoor operation and mobile use. RD965 is compatible with the SMBus 1.1 standard and can monitor battery statuses, such as the estimated remaining capacity. Intelligent charging management enables the battery to be charged automatically for later use. The three-stage battery protection enhances the safety and reliability of the charging process.

Repeater diagnostics and control system

Using a PC-based application, it is possible to monitor, diagnose, and control remote repeaters (via the IP interface with a network connected) and local repeaters (via USB port). Hytera's RDAC software supports network access at multiple points and enables the administrator to monitor two way radios registered in the DMR radio network.

Voice input/output via dual timeslots: ideal for monitoring and voice recording

The device supports voice input and output via dual timeslots in digital mode and enables users to continuously record conversations.

Flexible networking

By connecting geographically distributed repeaters that run at the same or different frequencies to form an IP-based and location-independent wireless communication network, mobile radios can use voice and data services even when in roaming mode. The RD965 can be used with the RD985 in a repeater network.

Outdoor operation and IP67 degree of protection

RD965 fully complies with the standards MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and conforms to the IP67 degree of protection, ensuring exceptional performance even in harsh conditions.

Slimline and portable

With its compact design, the device measures a mere 52 mm high and weighs less than 5 kg, including the 10 Ah battery.

16 channels

The repeater supports up to 16 voice channels. The user can switch between channels using the PC-based RDAC software, the channel selector switch on the front panel of the device, or the external interface on the repeater.

Upgradeable software

New functions can be integrated easily and smoothly using software upgrades, meaning the user does not need to buy a new device.

Slimline and portable

With its compact design, the device measures a mere 52 mm high and weighs less than 5 kg, including the 10 Ah battery.

Digital/analog connection

Using a back-to-back-connection between two repeaters, analog radio networks can be connected to the DMR radio system, facilitating the smooth transition from analog to digital radio technology. 

User-friendly control panel

The control panel has various indicators for the channel status, a button for the channel settings and a connection for a hand microphone or a remote speaker microphone.

Flexible applications

The repeater can be mounted on tables and walls to provide mobile radio coverage within a building, installed in a mobile case or rack for emergency communication, or carried on your back for outdoor use. The RD965 repeater is also suitable for providing tunnels and underground facilities, e.g. underground parking lots, with radio coverage.