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Dressler ARA 2000

Dressler - ARA 2000The Dressler ARA2000 is a high performance active receive antenna for the range of 50-2000 MHz.

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  • Gain is 12.5-14.5 dB and the Third order IP3 is +36 dBm.
  • The Noise figure is 3.6-6 dB
  • The modified conical antenna structure gives the antenna very wideband reception and can pick up in both the horizontal and vertical fields.
  • The active section employs a state-of-the-art MMIC - Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits preamp with a very low noise figure, followed by a high current final stage for good large signal handling capability.
  • Operates from 12.5 VDC 100 ma. with supplied AC power supply. This preamp is for receive-only applications (not transmitting). It utilizes an N connector. This antenna is 18 inches high with a diameter of 3.6 inches (450 x 90 mm)