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Glomex RA106GRPFME

Glomex - RA106GRPFMEMarine VHF antenna 3dB Fiberglass

Glomeasy line antennas are the new VHF antennas, specifically developed to make life easier for boat owners and, at the same time, to ensure the thirty-year security of Glomex antennas thanks to the attention and care in the selection of materials and in the technological research.


RA106GRPFME has a fiberglass whip, is high-performance, rugged and ideal for all types of small and medium size sailing and motor yachts. The innovative element of these antennas is their ability to offer a great flexibility to the boat owners in the implementation of its VHF system.


With Glomeasy VHF antennas, Glomex wants to meet the multiple needs of antenna installation providing an antenna that can be matched with different mounts and brackets and a high quality and low loss coaxial cable, offered in various lengths and already plugged at both ends with a special professional and miniaturized FME connector. All this allows boat owners to have a great freedom in the implementation of the VHF system and to have an extremely easy and fast installation, thanks to the FME-SO239 adapter (code RA351) and various optional supports.



  • GAIN AVERAGE        3dB
  • IMPEDANCE             50 ohms
  • POLARIZATION        Vertical
  • SWR                          ≤ 1,3 at 156,8 MHz
  • DC GROUND              Yes
  • ANTENNA LENGHT    900mm/35''
  • ANTENNA WEIGHT   180g/6,35oz
  • TERMINATION          FME