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Intek AR-109

Intek - AR-109Pocket size AIR Band Scanning Receiver

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Back lighted LCD display. Rubber touch compact case, 26 mm width.

Designed to monitor the air band radio communication traffic, covers the VHF AM air band, with frequency steps at 8.333 KHz or 25 KHz, the VHF NFM band (137-180 MHz) and the FM radio band (88-108 MHz WFM).

99 memory channels, Scan, Dual Watch, selectable frequency steps in the air band (8.333 KHz or 25 KHz), in the VHF NFM band (5-10-12.5-15-20-25-50 KHz), in the VHF WFM band (100 KHz).

Complete with 2 x AA Ni-MH batteries and 230VAC charger. External earset jack.