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Analogue radio communication

Analogue two-way radios have been used for business applications as far back as 1933. Today, two-way radio technology is so widespread, it has become nearly as common as a household appliance. This time-saving communications tool has now become a favorite choice for commercial, industrial and even personal use.

The history of the two-way radio is long, but the question still stands as to whether the analogue radio is strong enough to offset the advantages of the feature-rich digital devices that are growing in popularity.

Because the analogue two-way radio has been around for as long as it has, the ceiling of innovation has been reached. But with the emergence of the digital platform, a new era of radio technology has now arrived.

Analogue signals have a sinusoidal, or continuous, value. Today’s analogue systems use frequency modulation (FM). The frequency modulation produces a continuous wave with the voice signal. Analogue signals are commonly used in many systems today, but the uses for analogue signals are declining with the introduction of the more reliable digital signal.

The advantages of analogue two-way systems include:

  • Analogue systems use the natural voice, which is a feature preferred by many users.
  • Because analogue has been around longer, the number of products and accessories offered is much larger and provides for more options than does digital.

The disadvantages of analogue two-way systems include:

  • The used bandwith with analogue technology is wider then with digital systems (resulting in a higher BIPT license fee in Belgium)
  • Lack of much extra possibilities or software-driven business applications for analogue radios
Hytera RD985

Hytera - RD985

Powerful digital repeater for small DMR or analog radio networks.

Hytera TC610

Hytera - TC610

UHF IP-66 Radio (2pin connector)

Hytera TC620

Hytera - TC620

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, TC-620 is the radio customized for users in property management,hotel and service industries.

Icom IC-F1000T

Icom - IC-F1000T

VHF Radio. Compact, Slim Dimensions IP67 Waterproofing and Full of Useful Features

Icom IC-F61V

Icom - IC-F61V

UHF 400-470MHz Compact Portable Radio

Kenwood TK-2302E

Kenwood - TK-2302E

VHF FM Portable Entry-level Radio, with KNB-45 battery,antenna and KSC-35 charger

Kenwood TK-280

Kenwood - TK-280

VHF Radio

Kenwood TK-3302E

Kenwood - TK-3302E

UHF FM Portable Entry-level Radio

Kenwood TK-8302

Kenwood - TK-8302

UHF Compact Synthesized FM Mobile Transceiver with KMC-30 microphone

Kenwood TK-8360E

Kenwood - TK-8360E

Mobile UHF FM Radio incl. KMC-35 microphone.

Motorola VX-261 M

Motorola - VX-261 M

UHF portable radio covering 400 - 470 MHz

Vertex Standard VXR-9000E

Vertex Standard - VXR-9000E

Rack Mount Repeater

Motorola GM380

Motorola - GM380

No longer availableMobile Radio VHF or UHF

Motorola GP-340

Motorola - GP-340

No longer availableTwo-Way Portable Radio

Vertex Standard VX-231

Vertex Standard - VX-231

No longer availableUHF Compact Radio with Long-Lasting Li-Ion Battery (replaced by VX-261)

Vertex Standard VX-261

Vertex Standard - VX-261

No longer availableUHF portable radio covering 400 - 470 MHz (replaced by Motorola VX-261)

Vertex Standard VX-354

Vertex Standard - VX-354

No longer availableUHF All-purpose portable radio