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Digital communication systems

Digital signals are represented by binary numbers: 1 or 0. The 1 and 0 values can correspond to different discrete voltage values. Any signal that doesn’t quite fit into the scheme is rounded off. By using a binary signal, error correctionembedded signaling and control bits are possible in each packet transmitted. A packet contains an assembly of bits. The software contains an algorithm that understands the differences between voice and background noise, and in return, cancels the unwanted background noise and unwanted audio. The wireless digital signal provides the same levels of reliability and control as a wired digital signal.

The advantages of digital two-way systems include:

  • Information such as unit ID, status buttons, and enhanced text messages can be embedded into a single digital radio channel.
  • Bandwidth consumption is reduced. (Resulting in a lower BIPT license fee in Belgium)
  • Digital signals can be handled by standardized (existing) antenna systems.
  • The digital conversion of a user’s voice reduces external background noises.
  • A number of new software applications are available for use with the digital platform. (e.g. for GPS)
  • The digital platform provides a migration path that allows the use of digital radio's in analog mode.
  • The digital signal will stay strong and clear to the limits of coverage. (by contrast, analog audio will slowly fade out until it is unrecognizable)

The disadvantages of digital two-way systems include:

  • Due to the additional features and enhanced functionality, a learning curve exists for first-time users.
  • Digital signals are intolerant to radio frequency (RF) noises, and in the presence of too much RF noise, the signal can result in an error.

Kenwood NEXEDGE digitaal

NEXEDGE uses advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology for voice transmission. It supports both analogue FM and digital NXDN communication, and the system can be extended by simply adding base stations.

With NEXEDGE, Kenwood offers a turn-key solution with exceptional digital features suited for secure communication, particularly for corporate and governmental entities.

The underlying digital NXDN technology offers more functions and improved efficiency compared to current PMR devices. NEXEDGE currently uses existing VHF and UHF frequencies for mobile land communication, but the 6.25 KHz channel spacing allows for an increase of twice the number of communication channels in a frequency band of 12,5 KHz. Eventually, digital systems will replace conventional analogue radio communication devices.

Aceco SC-1

Aceco - SC-1

Portable frequency counter 30MHz-2.6GHz

Hytera MD785

Hytera - MD785

VHF or UHF analog and/or digital radio

Hytera PD365 U

Hytera - PD365 U

DMR and analog radio, credit card size , with display

Hytera PD415

Hytera - PD415

The PD415 may look and feel like it’s brother, the PD405. But the PD415 features an innovative built-in RFID reader.

Hytera PD505 U

Hytera - PD505 U

DMR UHF 400- 470 mhz digital and analog radio

Hytera PD785

Hytera - PD785

The PD785 and PD785G (variant with GPS) handheld radios are designed according to the DMR standard and are characterized by their ergonomic design, extensive digital functions and high quality.

Hytera RD625

Hytera - RD625

Compact DMR repeater for wall mounting.

Hytera RD965

Hytera - RD965

Outdoor DMR / Analog repeater.

Hytera RD985

Hytera - RD985

Powerful digital repeater for small DMR or analog radio networks.

Kenwood NX-320E3

Kenwood - NX-320E3

UHF NEXEDGE Digital/Analogue Portable Radio without display. Incl. KNB-55, KRA-27 and KSC-25

Kenwood NX-3320 E

Kenwood - NX-3320 E

Nexedge UHF Multi Protocol Digital and Analog Radio

Kenwood NX-3320 E2

Kenwood - NX-3320 E2

Nexedge UHF Multi Protocol Digital and Analog Radio

Kenwood NX-3320 E3

Kenwood - NX-3320 E3

Nexedge UHF Multi Protocol Digital and Analog Radio

Kenwood NX-720E

Kenwood - NX-720E

VHF NEXEDGE Digital/Analogue Mobile Radio with KMC-30

Kenwood NX-820E

Kenwood - NX-820E

UHF NEXEDGE Digital/Analogue Mobile Radio

Kenwood NXR-810

Kenwood - NXR-810

NEXEDGE UHF Digital Conventional/Analogue Repeater/Base Station

Kenwood TK-D200E

Kenwood - TK-D200E

VHF DMR Portable with Display and Keypad

Kenwood TK-D200GE

Kenwood - TK-D200GE

VHF DMR Portable with Display, Keypad and integrated GPS receiver

Kenwood TK-D240E2

Kenwood - TK-D240E2


Kenwood TK-D300E

Kenwood - TK-D300E

UHF DMR Portable with Display and Keypad

Kenwood TK-D300GE

Kenwood - TK-D300GE

UHF DMR Portable with Display, Keypad and integrated GPS receiver

Kenwood TK-D340E2

Kenwood - TK-D340E2


Kenwood TK-D740

Kenwood - TK-D740

DMR Mobile radio VHF

Kenwood TK-D840

Kenwood - TK-D840

Mobile DMR Radio UHF

Kenwood TKR-D810E

Kenwood - TKR-D810E

UHF DMR Digital Conventional/Analogue Repeater

Motorola DP2400

Motorola - DP2400

Two way analog/digital portable radio

Icom IC-F4102D

Icom - IC-F4102D

No longer availableEntry level IDAS digital handportable

Hytera BL2008

Hytera - BL2008

LiIon battery 2000mAH for PD785(G)